How to Build Easy Garage Shelves

In just one afternoon, you can build an easy DIY garage shelf, custom made to fit both your space and the items you want to store!

Tools Needed

- Miter Saw - Power Drill - Power Hand Saw - Wood Clamps - Drill Bit Set - Caster Wheels - Large Ruler


- 2 1/2" Screws - 2x4x8 Wood - .25 inch plywood

Making your own garage shelves allows for total customization! Make them as wide, tall, and deep as you need for your space and belongings.

With minimal power tools and simple instructions, this is a great beginner DIY project!

Caster wheels added to the bottom make this shelves easy relocated without emptying them first.

Learn how to make your own DIY garage shelves! Swipe up for the full tutorial.

Easy DIY Garage Shelf