Best Homemade Raw Milk Kefir


TOOLS NEEDED – Quart Size Mason Jar – Fine Mesh Strainer – Wooden Spoon – Kefir Grains IMGREDIENTS – 1-2 TBSP milk kefir grains – 1 quart raw or lightly pasteurized milk (avoid ultra-pasteurized)

1. Start with 1–2 tablespoons of milk kefir grains.

2. You are using grains specific to milk kefir, and not water kefir or yogurt grains. Those are different.

3. Simply put about 2 tablespoons grains in a quart sized mason jar and fill with high quality milk.

4. Next, loosely place the lid on and set on your countertop at room temp for 12 Hrs. You can place the kefir in the fridge at that point.

5. When you're ready to drink the kefir, strain the grains with a fine mesh strainer. The milk is now kefir, and the grains can go back in their jar filled with new milk.

Best Homemade Raw Milk Kefir