Kohlrabi Slaw with Honey Mustard

This kohlrabi slaw with potatoes is a quick and easy way to use up your kohlrabi and enjoy a nutrient-dense side dish.  It's the perfect summer meal with a tasty homemade honey mustard dressing!


- Kohlrabi - Golden potatoes - Cherry tomatoes - Mixed nuts - Avocado oil - Salt and pepper For the Honey Mustard: - Yogurt - Mayo - Dijon mustard - Honey - Spices

Toss sliced potatoes with oil and seasonings, then roast in the oven.

Shred kohlrabi and chop other vegetables for the slaw.

Add the honey mustard ingredients to a jar and combine them using an immersion blender.

Toss everything in a large bowl and serve over the roasted potatoes.

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Kohlrabi Slaw with  Honey Mustard