Sourdough Strawberry Birthday Cake

This strawberry sourdough cake is the perfect smash cake for a 1st birthday. Made with real fruit and sweetened with maple syrup and coconut sugar, it is a healthy but tasty option.


Sourdough Starter Milk Flour Coconut Sugar Maple Syrup Coconut Oil Butter Vanilla Extract Almond Extract Baking Soda Eggs Strawberries Arrowroot Powder Lemon Cream Cheese Powdered Sugar

If you want a healthy cake option for your 1-year-old's smash cake, this recipe is perfect!  They will love the sweet strawberry flavor and you'll love the simple, wholesome ingredients.

This cake offers gut-healthy sourdough benefits and is sweetened without any refined sugar.

Plus, it's simple to make! You can even bake it well ahead of time and freeze the cake until the big day.

A Healthy Smash Cake!

Sourdough Strawberry Birthday Cake