Sourdough Rye Sandwich Bread

Sourdough rye sandwich bread is crisp on the outside and soft and chewy on the inside. The molasses, honey, and tangy sourdough nicely compliment this earthy rye bread!

Rye flour is an earthy, denser type of grain compared with modern white wheat. It contains less gluten than regular flour, while also being higher in fiber and micronutrients.


- Active einkorn sourdough starter or regular sourdough starter - Rye flour - All-purpose flour - Filtered water - Salt - Butter - Sugar or honey - Molasses

1. Mix the Dough Combine the ingredients in a bowl and mix with clean hands.

2. Stretch and Folds Perform stretch and folds to build up the gluten in your loaf.

3. Shape the Dough After an overnight bulk ferment, shape the dough into a loaf shape.

4. Bake the bread Bake your bread in a loaf pan.

Allow the loaf to cool for at least an hour before cutting into it. Then enjoy!

Sourdough Rye Sandwich Bread