Vanilla Extract Recipe


– About 10 vanilla beans (I like the Madagascar ones from Amazon) – Vodka (or other 80 proof alcohol)

1. Start by placing the vanilla beans on a cutting board. With a sharp paring knife, slice down the middle of each vanilla bean.

2. Once you’ve sliced the vanilla bean, use your fingers to pry it open a bit, like you’re opening a book. Place the opened beans in your glass jar or bottle. Fill the bottle with vodka.

3. Place the bottle in a cool, dark place and let it sit for 5–6 months.

4. Every couple of weeks or so, check on the bottle and gently shake it to make sure everything is mixing together.

5. Also, make sure there are no beans sticking up out of the vanilla.

6. You will see the vanilla extract get darker and darker as the weeks go on (this is my favorite part!).

Vanilla Extract Recipe