Whole Wheat  Sourdough English Muffins

These 100% whole wheat sourdough English muffins are soft and chewy on the inside, crisped to perfection by the Dutch oven on the outside. They are perfect for a nutritious breakfast!


- Active Sourdough Starter - Honey - Warm Water - Salt - Whole Wheat Flour - Baking Soda - Coconut Oil or Butter

Add the wet ingredients to a bowl.

Add the flour and mix the dough with your hands. Cover bowl and let the dough ferment overnight.

The next morning, mix the salt and baking soda into the dough. Shape the dough into 6-8 equal balls.

Cook the English muffins in a dutch oven with coconut oil or butter.

Enjoy with honey butter or a fried egg!

Whole Wheat Sourdough English Muffins