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DIY Simple Garage Shelf

You can build this simple DIY garage shelf with only a few tools and a few hours. A great beginner DIY project and way better than having a messy garage!
Prep Time1 hr
Active Time4 hrs
Author: Alexa Gibbons
Cost: $60


  • Power tools:
  • Ryobi 10 inch miter saw (Home Depot)
  • Rigid power drill – for drilling / fastening wood (Home Depot)
  • Skilsaw Power hand saw – for quick cuts (Lowe's)
  • Non-power tools:
  • Wood clamps
  • 2 ½ inch screws
  • Dewalt drill bit set
  • Caster wheels
  • Large ruler
  • 2x4x8 wood
  • 1 sheet of .25 inch plywood


  • First, measure the desired spot for your shelf. Consider what items will be on your shelf, so you know whether some sections need different measurements. Look for wasted or unused space, or awkward corners for maximum use of the shelf in your area.
  • Buy the wood. We picked up ours at Home Depot. Don't worry if your cuts aren't perfect, the beauty of homemade is you can improvise. Keep your leftover wood for future use and consider using extra plywood to build a barrier shelf on the top if you're planning on stacking tall items (to keep them from falling over when the shelf is moved)
  • Build the shelf. Consider getting castor wheels for bottom of the shelf so you can easily move it in and out. Use the wood clamps to hold the wood together while you drill. We didn't use any glue for this project, only screws at all the major joints.
  • Finishing touches: you may choose to paint your shelf depending on where you plan on keeping it. We did not paint ours. We just added wheels and it was good to go.
  • This took 4 hours once we had the wood.



Safety first! Always read the instructions for your tools and do your research to determine what are the best tools and where to get them from in your area.