How To Set Up An Automatic Chicken Coop Door

It’s pretty simple really: no more waking up at 5am to open the coop door, or going out at 10pm to close it in the summertime.

Why You Need An Automatic Coop Door?

First, it could malfunction or the batteries could die. Second, it could mess up the time of day, or you could forget to schedule it properly.

Automatic Chicken Coop Door – Worth It? Safe?

We bought the ChickenGuard coop door and the ChickenGuard Standard Opener and it has worked perfectly since we got it.

What’s The Best Automatic Chicken Coop Door?

John built a little wood panel that would cover the old door and we secured the ChickenGuard door to that, then drilled that into the coop.

What To Do If The Door Doesn’t Fit Your Coop?

We followed the ChickenGuard instructions. Then there was a stark brown wood against the white coop, so of course I painted it to match.


How To Set Up An Automatic Chicken Coop Door